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Our goal is to find the 40 – 50 best companies in the micro-cap space from a fundamental, qualitative perspective and invest in the 10 – 15 with the highest return potential. We start with a list of nearly 2,000 companies and, through deep boots-on-the-ground research, slowly whittle it down to the 40 – 50 we like best. Those ideas get added to our watch list and then we wait for an opportunity to invest. The process is highly qualitative because we believe the key drivers of business value are all qualitative. That is, a company’s future success is not determined by what the stock price has done in the past or what the historical financial results look like. It’s based on things like business model, competitive differentiation, competitive moat, and management skill. That’s why we use a boots-on-the-ground approach by doing things like visiting a company, talking to management, speaking with customers, purchasing the company’s product, and much more.


At Kehlet Capital, we strive to be one of the rare investment advisors who regularly outperforms their benchmark, offers low fees, and provides trustworthy service. If you have any questions or would like more information feel free to schedule an introductory call by clicking the button below. You can also find additional information about the company, as well as risks associated with micro-cap investing in our form ADV Part 2A filed with regulatory agencies and available upon request.

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